Dear Sir or Madam,

This is Simon, sales & application engineering manager of NCCAS (NX CAD/CAM Automation Service).

NCCAS is specialized in NX Postprocessor development and support, we provide the best support at the lowest cost. During the last 10 years, we have been supporting more than 50 big companies in United States, our customers are very satisfied with our excellent support. We promise quick response within 4 hours and quick solution within 24 hours.

We have proposed the following support for your company:

(1) Modification and Optimization of existing NX Postprocessors.
We understood that you may need to do some manual changes on the postprocessed NC files, which is kind of annoying and time-consuming. The good postprocessor should not leave you anything to be manually edited. If there is anything like that, please let us to take care that for you.
If you want the post to output something, such as the Header information, tool list, machine time, probing macros, tool breakage check, different coolant types, safe retract, MCS indexing, UDEs, etc. Please tell me whatever you want to output, we will make the post to output as you expected.

(2) Development of New NX Postprocessors: 2Axis ~ 9Axis Multi-tasking machines.
We have more than 20 years' experience on NX Post development for all kinds of multi-axis machines with all kinds of controllers.
We do all kinds of customization to meet user's requirements, nothing is impossible for us. This makes NCCAS outstanding from all other service providers.

NCCAS is fully focusing on NX Postprocessor development and support, we are the No.1 special solution & customization provider in the industry. We also provide special NX CAM programming research for our VIP customers to solve special machining needs, such as aggregate head, backward boring, etc.

Please feel free to contact us for any question or a quote.

Best Regards

Simon Jiang

Sales & Application Engineering Manager | NCCAS

Cell: 713-397-2291, Email:

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