Im looking for a professional model maker or very serious hobbyist looking for a really nicely setup lathe.


I have one orange emco compact 8 on an emco stand and another compact 8 that was sold under the Craftsman name (gray)
There are multiple chucks, collets steady rest (not shown in photos) vices for milling attachment, milling attachment for cross slide,
I have almost every attachment made for the compact 8 lathe. The craftsman C-8 lathe has a Newall DRO and a DC spindle motor.
There are 2 5-c collet chucks and custom made emco backing plates. There are cutting tools which alone exceed the asking price for the whole collection.

I am not interested in parting this collection out, I have spent the better part of my life collecting all of this. Most everything is brand new never used, the rest is good or better condition.
Im asking $9000.00 for both machines, all of the tools and accessories and the stainless steel 43" wide tool box. The price is firm, I understand that will limit the potential audience of buyers.
I won't waste your time, please don't waste mine. I have recently decided that my retirement will most likely be spent doing CNC woodworking. I had collected all of this tooling and machines along with another small CNC mill (already sold) to use when I retired. I was interested in making small IC engines etc. Here you can see some of the work I have done both in my day job and my personal shop: http://www.grifftek.com/grifftek/Mac..._Fun_and_Work/ and I really need to rename that link, its been over 30 years of fun and work now!

Everything is available for inspection in the Los Angeles area, I can help with transportation shipping etc. Personal inspection is highly advised

i can be reached at grifftek at live dot com or 562 three o six 8 three 8 five


Bill Griffin

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