I have a Hurco KMB1 CNC knee mill that I've been converting to LinuxCNC. You can actually find pictures of the machine in its original Hurco configuration on this site. I'll post new pictures, but I want to gauge interest before I go through the effort. Let me explain.

This is a cool conversion. I replaced all of the electronics and now have Granite Devices servo amplifiers and a Vector VFD for the spindle. I built it all with the intent of making it 5 axis capable but have only wired three axis so far. I've been working through the HAL customization of LinuxCNC and I'm pretty happy with it. The tuning of the Y servo is a bit off, but that isn't major. Right now, I'm probably 95% plus done. The big thing to finish is the control console. I have it designed, but I stalled on engraving the panel, etc.

I documented this up the wazoo so the schematics are complete. I've even validated those schematics. Oh, and the machine was also wired for a probe and I've got a presetter on it too.

So, if it is all so cool then why am I wanting to sell it and for how much.... Well, I'm selling it because I was offered a Dyna bed mill and I have decided that I like that iron better. Plus, I'm tired. I have been trying to figure out engraving so I can finish the panel, but I haven't gotten too far with that. Ideally I'd keep the Hurco because I like the large toolroom sized table, but I don't have the room. That is why I'm selling it. But for how much? That is a good question. Basically I'm selling it for the parts value of the components I have in it, which is right around $1800. I've got a ton of KwikSwitch 200 tooling that is *not* included but available. I won't leave a new owner high and dry, though. I'll throw in a few holders so s/he can at least start working.

Am I negotiable. Maybe a little, but the realty is not a whole lot. I'm not selling it for $900 and here is why.... I can take off the electrical cabinet easily and I'll have a nice retrofit for another hurco mill someday (or a perhaps my lathe). I don't see a reason to take a huge loss on this stuff when it is still usable to me. Heck, I can probably sell the cabinet as a turnkey control.

What I would prefer not doing is trashing the machine. Hurco actually has some pretty nice iron and it is a great base for a retrofit. You get ballscrews, oilers, etc, all sitting there. That beats the heck out of converting some manual machine to CNC. So, I'd rather not trash the machine which is why I'm essentially giving the carcass away and just selling the electronics package.

Well, there you have it. If you are interested, then please let me know.


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