Hi guys
I sell the following disassembled components from a Cincom citizen L20 machine:

Servo Drive, Mitsubishi MDS-B-SVJ2-07 0.7Kw
Spindle drive, Mitsubishi MDS-B-SPJ2-22 2.2Kw
Spindle drive, Mitsubishi MDS-B-SPH-15 1.5Kw
Spindle drive, Mitsubishi MDS-B-SPH-37 3.7Kw
Power Supply, Mitsubishi MDS-B-CVE-55 5.5Kw

Mitsubishi Intelligent Servo
HS-MF23EXV-S2 1 pc.
HS-MF23EX1V-S2 2 pc.

Mitsubishi Intelligent servo
HS-RF73EX-S2 1 pc.
HS-RF73EX-S1 2 pc.
HS-RF73-S1 controller MDS-B-ISV-07EX 1 pc.
HS-RF43-S1 controller MDS-B-ISV-04EX with brake 1 pc.

Citizen 953-004-3 breakout board
Mitsubishi Backup Battery MDS-A-BT-6
Euchner Safety Switch TP4-537A024M 1pc.
TP4-537A024PG 2pc.

All are in good working condition
For prices please contact me at stefandaniel.03@gmail.com

Mitsubishi Cincom Citizen Parts for sale-img_20190709_165649-jpg

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