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    Default NCPlot v2.33 now available

    NCPlot v2.33 Release Notes
    April 17, 2016

    Configuration Changes

    The wildcard search character has been changed from the asterisk "*" to the question mark "?" in the interpreter customize list. The configurations that are included in NCPlot have been updated to the new search character, but if you have customized configurations then the wildcard characters will need to be updated manually.

    A new configuration page has been added called "Macro B Settings". This page contains settings that allow you to configure NCPlot settings related to macro functions.

    Bug Fixes

    When the "K" or "Q" addresses were used in an M98 block their values were incorrectly being adjusted by the coordinate resolution setting. If the coordinate resolution setting was not "1.0" then this caused the "K" "Q" values to be incorrect.

    Fixed a bug in the run time estimation calculations for lathe. This bug only affected linear feed moves while constant surface speed was active. The calculated move time was too low for moves where the spindle RPM was being clamped at either maximum or minimum RPM during the entire move.

    In certain cases the "Replace" tool will skip the next match after a replacement is made. This is fixed.

    When manually adding system variables to the variable display window the maximum allowed variable number to add was fixed at 50000, this has been changed to the maximum variable number specified on the macro settings page.


    Changed the behavior for saving files. Now when a file is saved the file being overwritten will be moved to the recycle bin before the file is saved. This will allow you to recover older versions of the file.

    Updated the behavior for messages created by setting the system variable #3006. You now have the option of cancelling program execution when the message is displayed.

    Changed the behavior for the program line highlighting. Whenever a line in a program is selected the program display will update so that the selected line is near the center of the program window whenever possible. This makes it much easier to see upcoming program blocks when stepping or animating through a program.

    Improved handling of system variables on the variable display window. You can now add a range of variables when the 'Add System Variable' pop up menu item is clicked. Enter the start and the end variable numbers separated by a dash like so: "5041-5044". You can now also remove more than one system variable at a time by selecting all variables to be removed and either pressing 'Del' or clicking the 'Remove System Variable' popup menu item.

    Improved handling of breakpoint expressions. When an expression is typed into the 'Break Expr' box and 'enter' is pressed the entered expression is added to the breakpoint list. Clicking the arrow at the right side of the box will show the current list of break points.

    New Features

    Added a new tool to the "Tools" menu called "Repost". This tool will convert the active viewport graphic into G-Code. This works solely from the graphic and produces simple 3 axis code.

    The DXF export tool now supports exporting rotary axis motion. If your backplot includes rotary axis motion then the saved DXF will now accurately represent the viewport graphics.

    Added support for named macro variables. The macro statement "SETVN" has been added and uses this format:
    The value following "SETVN" is the number of the first variable to set.

    Added new features to the variable display window:
    It now includes a column for variable names.
    The right-click popup menu has 3 new selections. They are "Edit Variable Value", "Edit Variable Name" and "Delete Named Variable".

    Added new features to the find dialog:
    Find and replace now supports using wildcard characters. The wildcard "?" will match any number of characters and can be used multiple times in a single search term.
    There is a new button for "Find All" which will expand the find dialog to show search results. Every program line with a match for the find text will be added to the search results. Clicking a line in the results box will select the corresponding line in the edit file.


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    Default Re: NCPlot v2.33 now available

    Thanks Scott.
    BTW - are you still working on the solid verify?

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NCPlot v2.33 now available

NCPlot v2.33 now available