Gday all,
I have recently purchased an SII with 8 tool linear ATC second-hand as it was a good price. I was going to just upgrade the electronics to run something newer (advice?) Everything works great as far as I can tell eg homing, tool change etc.
I'm very novice when it comes to this machine as I'm only used to the newer era of cnc like my little shapeoko. I have the Multicam manual, but I'm stuck where to go next to run a simple job. I use Vectric Aspire for of my toolpaths and very familiar with that program and PP (multicam plt (mm)(*cnc) - not sure if that's even the right one for this machine, then import to Toolpath (the Multicam software). That's as far as I know what to do.
Could anyone with more experience help me out on this road of where/ what to do next?

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