Hi everybody,

I'm new to this forum!

I have been contracted to program a robotic cell loading and unloading wood sheet to a MultiCam 1000 router.
I will be in charge of programming the robot (Kawi ZX200S) and the PLC/ Safety of the cell (Productifvity 2000 PLC and MOSAIC Safety controller).

I'm not familiar at all with the MultiCam router and I'm trying to find out how to connect the router to my PLC (External Modbus if available or direct IOs).
In the schematics, I can see an External Modbus fieldbus but I can't find any doc to help me.
I really need just a few signals, like Start/Stop, At Home, Ready, the elementary stuffs to remote control the router.

As any of you guys ever tried this?
If yes, any infos or advice are more than welcome.

Thank you

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