Hi everyone, I've been working on this MultiCAM 1000 router for about a year. It has a secondary oscillating knife spindle on it and the CNC controller seems to have a lot of options for configuring this spindle. I have never used this before and now I need to learn how. Unfortunately, we are still using Enroute 5.1 which does not seem to have any native support for programming the tangential vibrating knife spindle. Supposedly this machine may have the Ezknife controller option which makes it easier to use the vibrating spindle but I can find no information anywhere on what codes I might have to add to the NC code for the controller to know it's supposed to use the knife. I'm guessing the controller has some intelligence built into it to enhance the standard G-code toolpaths for the knife. But it seems to me the code would have to at least call the vibration spindle out at the beginning of the program.

Any help on how to do this. Is it as simple as adding the right code manually at the beginning of the NC program. I have access to Aspire and ArtCAM at home. I know that Artcam can do a drag knife which is similar but a little different. I can see how the controller could interpret the vectors to do the spindle positioning on that spindle if it knows it's supposed to use that spindle.

Any ideas to get me going in the right direction.

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