I have some trouble with reading out the correct spindle position in machine coordinates on a Mori Seiki NT4200 1500z with Fanuc30i (combined turning and milling machine). In accordance with the Fanuc user manual, the X, Z and Y position in machine coordinates should be available with the system variables #5021, #5022 and #5024, since the X, Y and Z axis of this machine is axis 1,2 and 4 respectably.

When I move the spindle to machine coordinates X-654.0 Z-279.0 and Y-90.0 and read out the current position in machine coordinates with system variables #5021, #5022 and #5024, the position I get out is X-1904.0, Z-1246.5 and Y-90.0. In the display of the cotroler the machine position is displayed as x-654.0 Z-279.0 and y-90.0.

I would be very grateful if anybody could help me with an explanation, and a solution.


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