Hi all,

I have recently purchased my first CNC, a 1990 model MV40B.

The machine had been left to sit for excess of a year and the backup battery had gone flat. I have managed to reload the parameters and pmc settings (well at least I think I have, when I manually tried to input the pmc parameters I couldn’t enter a number of values I had on file as the some of the fields seemed uneditable or the value was out of range). I later got the rs232 to work and sent these to the machine but still ended up with some variations..)

This aside I managed to get the machine to jog around however I have not yet managed to get the spindle to run (spindle chiller is in alarm which I suspect would interfere with the spindle running). I also had an irritating issue with the 4th axis (not currently installed and looks like it could use looking at before use) in that I was getting overload and 4th axis disconnect alarms. I found a switch in the control panel labeled 4th axis on/off but it seemed to do nothing. Switch seemed to have 24v one side and was wired to a plug in the back of the cabinet. It was a 2 core cable with both cores connected at the plug but only one at the switch so not sure what’s going on their and done have a wiring diagram for the machine. I the changed parameter 19, bit 1 for 4th axis neglect, still had the alarms. In the end I disabled the forth axis using the 900 parameters and this cleared the alarm. Strangely I think the parameter 19 method cleared this alarm prior to keying the PMC parameters so I assume the MTB must use their own logic for this??

At this point I have run out of expertise (have none) and although I got the Fanuc manuals for the machine I don’t have the machine manuals themselves so I am starting to struggling finding solutions to some of the problems I have.

Firstly, would anyone happen to have machine manuals for an MV40B. I am happy to pay someone for their time to copy this (digital or hard copy would be fine) or would anyone have any idea on where to purchase some manuals for a machine of this vintage.

Secondly is anyone able to assist with problem solving a couple of immediate issues.

Anyone have info on how to set axis ZRN on this machine. I have a few alarms (300/310/320 from memory, not I’m front of the machine right now. The machine had a ZRN option on the mode switch and selecting this and hitting the relevant axis button jogs that axis to the end of travel in that direction and the associated zrn axis light illuminates. Seems to have no affect on clearing the alarms I have though.

Next, spindle oil chiller. Any common failures modes that should be checked? Refrigerant pressure? Any other common issues that generate the alarm light.

Last one for now is which of the lube pumps lube which part of the machine and is there any way to confirm this system is working as expected. I’ve manually pulsed the pump near the spindle cooler but haven’t actually seen the oil level drop so I’m concerned it’s not doing it’s job..

Any help with the above would be very much appreciated.

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