I picked up this mill cheap because it is having tool changer problems. They were running the mill doing manual tool change and apparently something went wrong and it tried to do a tool change and got hung up or whatever it is doing. I have never ran the mill, I rigged it in my shop and hooked it to power. When you turn on the power switch the fans run,when you hit the control on button the control fans turn on and a contactor closes in the control cabinet. The screen does not come on,there are no lights on the control panel. The hydraulic pump does not run,the svmr does not energize. Pushing the power on button a second time does nothing. 100 volt ac control voltage is good,dc 80vdc for z brake is good,24 vdc control power is good. In the control cabinet all the control voltages are good, 1led is lit so there is power to the control. SVTR is not being set by the control to turn on SVMR. I assume the screen is supposed to lite up after the first power on button press,but it does not. I have the electrical manual,ladder logic manual,and what I believe is the machine manual. I have been over the electrical drawings and I am striking out so far. I'm good with electricals so any help to point me in the right direction will be appreciated.

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