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    Hi everyone, and a pleasure to stay here.
    Recently I bought a Mori Seiki lathe NLX 2500/700 with celos cnc.
    I mount a bar puller as a tool, and do a program:
    Make the part;
    G98 (feed mm/min)
    G0 and G1 to put the puller into bar
    M10 (open chuck)
    G04 U2.
    G1 W50 F1000
    G1 and G0 to out the puller of the bar
    and repeat another part.

    But when read M10, the chuck opens and the program didn't progress. No alarms.

    Have some configuration that I don't know to do this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Same problem on a Mori SL-303. I have a call into Mori-Seiki. Waiting for a response. Pretty sure this is a safety issue in that the machine axes will not move while the chuck is open (for O.D. clamping). I'm hoping it is a parameter change or something and that we will be allowed to make parts using a bar puller. I will post a solution when I come across it.

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    Solution Found!

    I have a Mori-Seiki SL-303 with a MSG-501 controller (Fanuc for all intents and purposes). Turns out the problem was with the two switches at the end of the spindle tube (on the left side of the machine) that tell the machine when the chuck is open or closed.

    To check if this is the problem, go into MDI and run a M11. If the chuck opens, but the M11 does not clear from the MDI screen, one or both of the switches need to be adjusted. By the way, same thing happened in my program...which would get frozen up when it read the M11.

    The two switches (on my machine) have slotted holes to allow you to slide them back and forth and light up or turn off depending on the chuck being closed or open. The internal sleeve of the spindle moves to the left when the chuck is opened and moves to the right when the spindle is closed.

    When I first took a look, both proximity switch lights were on, whether or not the chuck was open or closed. It never occurred to me to look at these switches because I have always used the foot pedal to work the chuck. The foot pedal will always work, regardless of the position of the proximity switches.

    Anyway, you will figure it out once you start experimenting.

    In the end, both lights needed to be on when the chuck was open, and the left one needed to be off when the chuck was closed. Positioning them to finally be set properly took a bit of trial and error. Sometimes I would get a time-out alarm, and sometimes I would get an alarm stating the machine couldn't detect the end stroke, or something.

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Program stops after M10

Program stops after M10