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    Default NL2000SY multiple tools in single slot

    Can someone help me with the set up of Y-axis double holder on Mori Seiki NL2000SY. I can set up single tools on holders, but stuck with double holders.
    Lathe have a Y axis, so I should be able to use dual toolholders on both side.
    If I put 4 tools in one turret position holder (2 for main and 2 for subspindle), how do I tell the machine that I have so many tools in one turret slot at the same time?

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    Not sure what year machine or version of control you have, but any time you have multiple tools sharing a turret position, your only need is to give them all a different offset number.

    If your machine is originally designed for dual or quad holders, you likely already have a large number of tool offsets available. Simply create a system that works for you. This numbering system assumes 64 offsets available.

    For instance. Let the inner main spindle facing tool use the normal tool call. I'll use turret position 8 as an example. (12 position turret assumed)

    T0808 (Call inner main tool)

    For the outer main spindle facing tool, add 14 to the turret number.

    T0822 (Call outer main tool)

    For the inner sub facing tool add 28

    T0836 (Call inner sub tool)

    For the outer sub tool add add 42

    T0850 (Call outer sub tool)

    This number split is only an example. Use what works in you mind.

    By giving each tool position it's own offset, you can program your parts without any extra concern about what is the true X0 Z0 Y0 position of each tool in the turret.

    Never used a Y axis lathe before, just winging it using what I know about a sub spindle lathe. I do know that you can have multiple offsets setup for any turret position. On my sub spindle lathe I add 16 to the offset number. Works just fine.

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NL2000SY multiple tools in single slot

NL2000SY multiple tools in single slot