Hello all...

I recently installed a LNS quick servo bar feed on my Mori ZL-150S. I am knew to bar feed jobs and macro programming as well. I know there are hundreds of posts about bar feed macros on here, but I can't seem to find one that fits my scenario. Plus understanding the Macros is a challenge for a newby. what I am trying to do after the sub spindle finisheds the 12th part is load a new bar and start another program loop. Basically the LNS loads the bar into the top-cut position, and after that the lathe makes 12 parts from the loaded bar. The lathe does it's own bar pull and part off with the sub spindle. I would like the program to loop 12 times and then call up a bar load with an M70. After the LNS loads the new bar start a new loop. The top-cut routine only runs once at the beginning of the main program.

Any sample programs would be greatly appreciated.


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