Hey Guys,

Just replaced my servo battery and I am now getting an error every time I turn on my Lathe

PLC Alarm


Attachment 412787

I can go into the operation panel and set ZERO POINT ADJUSTMENT to "VALID"
I can move all the axis using the thumbwheel, but I cannot ZERO the axis via the front panel buttons

Whats the correct procedure?

The manual says to perform a zero return after an M70 error, but no mention of this above error.

I have tried to follow the procedure to zero the axis via the SYSTEM - NC SYSTEM - MENU - ABS SRV, but the ABS SRV options does not appear after I press MENU.

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Attachment 412789

When I get into the settings, pressing the MENU button does nothing...

Attachment 412793

I have tried to set the NC WRITE PARAMETERS to "Valid" - no difference

Am i complicating this ?

Is there a zero return procedure via the front panel soft keys??

I have tried pressing the ZER soft key, then each axis, but no movement and no zero return.

Any help appreciated