I am a long time builder/commenter and now nearing the end of the journey.
Here are a couple pics of the mostly built project -- bone stock pretty much.

Starwalt's Build-img_2010_crop-jpg

Starwalt's Build-img_2011_crop-jpg

I am going through the alignments now and fabricated a wrench for the thin-head bolts.
The source was a tool from a Harbor Freight auto trim kit. I took my Dremel to it and made the 1/2 spacing needed.

Starwalt's Build-img_2018-jpg

Starwalt's Build-image_12269-jpg

The height above epoxy floor adjustments were made much easier by fabricating a gadget using a digital indicator I had on hand.

Starwalt's Build-img_2020_crop-jpg

The PC is all built up with EMC (or whatever it is called now) and I have some cosmetic work left on the cover to do.
The project has been quite the experience and I am looking forward to cutting aircraft parts before Spring.


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