I finally have my Boy 15S injection molding machine up and running and I found a MUD frame on Ebay and ordered a set of aluminum mold plates. I was about to order some injection pins to make my first mold and realized that I will need to have a sprue puller in the mold and a sprue ejection pin.

Looking online I found these sprue lock bushings, but it seems that there are not many different types of premade bushings available.https://us.misumi-ec.com/vona2/detai...079910/?Inch=0

My question is do most people buy the sprue puller bushings like this already made or do they just machine a sprue puller into their mold cavities?

If people are machining them into the cavity can someone share with me a design for one with a cold slug well that is good for both ABS and polycarbonate? Also, is there a recommended reverse taper cutter that can be recommended for machining the sprue puller cavity. Obviously, this needs to be done at the correct depth and angle to work well. I am not sure where to buy this odd cutter.

Also, what diameter sprue ejection pin would you normally use on small molds and how much larger should I ream the hole for it? It would be great if someone could recommend a specific part number of pin to use.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me on this.

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