I have 3 of these mills on the production floor. The one we have had the longest works fine with no issues. The V10 mill started throwing up a T02 Feed hold alarm 0204 with the msg "1062 POT UP/DWN/SPINDLE ON ERROR"

The mills have an option to drop the pot during the milling cycle to reduce tool change time a bit. I have turned it on when these were installed. after almost a year the V10 started throwing up the error. Turning off the POT DOWN option makes the error go away but Makes tool changes take longer. Now a couple years later suddenly the V5 mill started having the same problem. The manuals are very vague on the T02 error, just stating its a feed hold error and to press cycle start to restart. For both mills it started out of the blue with no other explanations. For some reason my service tech thinks just turning off the option is the fix.

Anyone ever seen this type of error or have any ideas of something one of the operators may have done to cause it? Seems weird that 2 out of the 3 mills have had the same problem. It doesn't seem like much but this option does cut the tool change time in half, if the program has several tool changes 2 sec per tool change adds up quick.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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