I posted this in another forum, but in retrospect, I think I might get more of a response here....

I am trying to add an additional axis onto my Mitsubishi Meldas M3 machine. Specifically, I want to convert an indexer I have to a full 4th axis by changing the servo to a Mitsubishi HA33C-S with an OSE 5K encoder (original). So, I've got a new amplifier, I modified the parameters to what I thought should work, and.... I get an awful lot of jitter. Nothing is connected to the servo, so that could certainly be a problem (no dampening), but I think it is interesting that when I hook up HA40C-S or HA83C-S, I have no jitter at all. The servo runs glassy smooth.

My amp is a MR-S11-80, if that matters, but I think it should work fine with the HA33 motor (just overkill). Because the HA40 works fine, I know that the servo amp is fine. I cannot make that same attestation about the HA33C-S or its OSE 5K encoder (technically an OSE 5K-6-8-0). Those were both purchased on the surplus market, although they are in excellent condition so I don't think they've ever been abused. I've also checked the outputs of the encoder with a logic analyzer, and they look fine.

Ideally, I would find someone that has a Meldas M3 control that is running an HA33C-S, and I would get those parameters directly. I can walk you through that process (probably easiest to just take pictures of several screens and send those to me). That would be ideal. But I can probably get the same information for someone that is running the servo on a newer Meldas machine. My guess is that I can probably cross the parameters to my version of the Meldas and give it a whirl. The key here is that I need info on the HA33 motors (HA33CB-S will work fine too... The B just stands for 'brake')


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