Hello all,

Some time ago i purchased a used Milltronics brand CNC machine, recently I have gotten around to powering it up and trying to run some test programs.
After inputting a simple program using conversational programing and attempting to run said program the machine will shutdown and the display will show a DOS interface with an error message.
The error message reads "Runtime error 216 at 000e:0499"

Here is the G-code for the program which caused the crash:
"O0010 (SQUARE-POCKET)(Conversational File Centurion V CNC 5.243p C.F.)G20 G90 N1 G92 X-7.717 Y37.6187 Z-18.0445 N2 G17 G70 G50 G69 H0 T1 G40 G80 M9 G0 IF [P226+P242]<P450 G32 X0 Y0 M6 S2000 M3 D1 G43 H1 N3 G0 X-3 Y-3 N4 G0 G99 F20 P140 = .1 P141 = .4 P143 = .2 P145 = 10 P144 = -.2 N5 P150 = .25 P151 = 4 P152 = 4 P153 = .005 P154 = .005 P155 = .4 G34 V[P144] P199=0 G42 G2 N6 M5 G32 N7 M5 M9 G32 (END OF O0010)"

Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

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