Hi everyone

Let me start by saying I'm new to cnc machining and only have done some test cuts. I have a plasma cnc that I just added a VFD 2.2kw spindle for routing/milling. My question is about leaving some material, to be cut later by hand, to hold the project so it doesn't fall out while machining. For the geometry I'm using bobcad cam and sheetcam but not sure if I make a separate layer in bobcad or some how this is done in sheetcam. I want to make a parking holder for the spindle when I switch over to plasma. I have some .250 aluminum plate that I want to cut this out of. I dont know the spindle speed or the cutting speed I should use for this. I have the VFD spindle speed variable between 7,200 and 2,4000rpm. The plate has some mounting holes the smallest being.125 radii and the perimeter to be cut. What kind of cutter should I be using for this.

Thanks, Gary

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