The build is still 'incomplete' as I'm in the middle of making a power drawbar, but here are some photos below. The mill came with a staggeringly expensive set of Royal quick-change tool holders, but I'd eventually like to build an ATC and while the Royals are superb they are not compatible with my ATC plans.

Drawbar will be a single-stage air cylinder, pushing up on a 1.5:1 lever, which pushes down on an 8:1 hydraulic cylinder attached to the spindle top. The internal hydraulic cylinder shoves down a big ol' stack of bellevilles and releases the Tormach TTS tool holder. I plan on torquing the drawbar to 30ft-lbs - should give about 4500lbs of axial tension on the drawbar/collet so no tool pull-out. Tormach recommends 30ft-lbs, so I figured that would be good enough for me.

With the enormous spindle motor I didn't have room for a multi-stage air cylinder pushing directly down on the sprung drawbar, so I either needed a massive 4" cylinder with a giant lever running at 100psig and hanging way off the head, or the hydraulic thing. Should make for a fairly compact arrangement. If you're curious about the hydraulic deal, search for the Tormach Lever Operated Drawbar. The 'intensifier unit' is a spindle-mounted hydraulic cylinder with a 5/16" small piston and a 1" (I think) big piston. About an 8:1 or 10:1 ratio, and I'll be experimenting this weekend with how much stroke I need on the small piston to get the drawbar to release reliably. I've calculated I need about .800" to get .100" of drawbar movement - we'll see if that's enough to drop the tool.

The cylinder is done except for an air bleed, and it seems to work as planned.

Wiring is a bit messy as I've got the drawbar temp wires back in the enclosure waiting for me to get the solenoid valve and other junk installed.

If I recall, the quote for a bare-bones Skyfire was going to be north of $10k. There is a US dealer now, so getting hold of them would provide a much more accurate picture than what I can remember.


So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3354-jpg

Inside cleaned up of all the silly conduit

So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3355-jpg

Coolant collar

So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3356-jpg

Big-A$$ spindle motor
So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3357-jpg

New control panel finished yesterday! Woo!
So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3358-jpg

Monitor & PC out of the way. Hated them on the top of the mill.
So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3359-jpg

Rearranged the basement for the new drain/coolant system and because there are no electrical bits to get wet now.
So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3360-jpg

Back of the mill. Liquid-tite conduit because I don't want to cut a wire and to suppress the EMI/RFI from the VFD.
So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3362-jpg

Closeup of the conduit. Also had to move the lube pump because it would siphon and get oil all over everything inside the enclosure.
So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3363-jpg

Back of column. Drag chain made things easy since I have oil line, spindle power wires, coolant, encoder, spindle index signal, and (soon) drawbar air lines to get up there without tangling.
So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3364-jpg

Awesome motor. Dirt cheap on Fleabay, came with an encoder I can sell for twice what I paid for the whole package. Too heavy, but the Z hasn't lost any steps at 100IPM with moderate acceleration.
So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3365-jpg

220V box down below. VFD, power supply, relays for the coolant and lube pumps. Keeps the electronics from wigging out, especially the spindle encoder and limit switches.
So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3366-jpg

Inside the 200 box.
So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3368-jpg

Electronics and 110V stuff. All the safety stuff is run via mechanical relays. E-stop is tied to the VFD alarm, too - not just a 'software' stop. I tried to make this as 'industrial' as I could without blowing money on purpose-built safety relays and controls.
So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3369-jpg

More of the electronics. Wireway covers are missing, and the wireways are, frankly, too full. Everything is too close together but everything is labeled and easy to trace. Using a CNCDrive 400ETH motion controller and a PMDX 126 BOB with PMDX 107 spindle control board. If I knew 6 months ago what I know now, I'd have gone with the 300ETH and a different BOB, but what I've got is working fine. I just want more inputs.
So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3370-jpg

Finally, a shot of the extra drain through the base. Much, much nicer - no flooding the base out.
So I bought a used Mikini...-img_3375-jpg