Here you go sir I just figured out you cannot really cut anything on zero Z, so I just set it to 0.3mm depth. you can modify the code if you want. copy and paste the code in a notepad and save.

( T3 : 3.0 )G21 G90 G91.1 G64 G40
G0 Z3.0
( T3 : 3.0 )
T3 M6
( 1 )
M3 S18000
G0 X0.0485 Y-3.7593
G0 Z1.0
G1 F1600.0 Z-0.3
G1 Z0.0
( 2 )
G0 Z3.0
G0 X-3.7096 Y-3.841
G0 Z1.0
G1 Z-0.3
G1 X-4.2031 Y-3.8602
G1 X-4.3174 Y-3.8647
G1 X-5.7868 Y-3.9219
G1 X-9.122 Y-4.261
G1 X-12.4296 Y-4.8075
G1 X-15.6966 Y-5.5593
G1 X-18.9104 Y-6.5134
G1 X-22.0584 Y-7.6662
G1 X-25.1284 Y-9.0131
G1 X-28.1083 Y-10.549
G1 X-30.9866 Y-12.2677
G1 X-33.7521 Y-14.1627
G1 X-34.9758 Y-15.1187
G1 X-37.0632 Y-17.2269
G1 X-38.96 Y-19.4621
G1 X-40.6798 Y-21.8361
G1 X-42.2125 Y-24.335
G1 X-43.5492 Y-26.944
G1 X-44.6818 Y-29.6479
G1 X-45.6038 Y-32.4306
G1 X-46.3098 Y-35.2759
G1 X-46.7955 Y-38.1668
G1 X-47.0581 Y-41.0865
G1 X-47.0969 Y-44.0846
G1 X-46.5967 Y-47.202
G1 X-46.4261 Y-48.063
G1 X-46.0014 Y-50.206
G1 X-45.9026 Y-50.6241
G1 X-45.2967 Y-53.1862
G1 X-44.4836 Y-56.1387
G1 X-43.5631 Y-59.0594
G1 X-42.5364 Y-61.9446
G1 X-41.4051 Y-64.7904
G1 X-40.1704 Y-67.5928
G1 X-38.8342 Y-70.3483
G1 X-37.3982 Y-73.0532
G1 X-35.8643 Y-75.7037
G1 X-34.2602 Y-78.2555
G1 X-32.2831 Y-81.6408
G1 X-29.3787 Y-86.1577
G1 X-26.2836 Y-90.546
G1 X-23.0035 Y-94.7978
G1 X-19.5443 Y-98.9053
G1 X-15.5176 Y-103.291
G1 X15.6146
G1 X19.6413 Y-98.9053
G1 X23.1005 Y-94.7978
G1 X26.3806 Y-90.546
G1 X29.4757 Y-86.1577
G1 X32.3801 Y-81.6408
G1 X34.3572 Y-78.2555
G1 X35.9613 Y-75.7037
G1 X37.4952 Y-73.0532
G1 X38.9312 Y-70.3483
G1 X40.2674 Y-67.5928
G1 X41.5021 Y-64.7904
G1 X42.6334 Y-61.9446
G1 X43.6601 Y-59.0594
G1 X44.5806 Y-56.1387
G1 X45.3937 Y-53.1862
G1 X45.9996 Y-50.6241
G1 X46.0984 Y-50.206
G1 X46.5231 Y-48.063
G1 X46.6937 Y-47.202
G1 X47.1939 Y-44.0846
G1 X47.1551 Y-41.0865
G1 X46.8925 Y-38.1668
G1 X46.4068 Y-35.2759
G1 X45.7008 Y-32.4306
G1 X44.7788 Y-29.6479
G1 X43.6462 Y-26.944
G1 X42.3095 Y-24.335
G1 X40.7768 Y-21.8361
G1 X39.057 Y-19.4621
G1 X37.1602 Y-17.2269
G1 X35.0728 Y-15.1187
G1 X33.8491 Y-14.1627
G1 X31.0836 Y-12.2677
G1 X28.2053 Y-10.549
G1 X25.2254 Y-9.0131
G1 X22.1554 Y-7.6662
G1 X19.0074 Y-6.5134
G1 X15.7937 Y-5.5593
G1 X12.5266 Y-4.8075
G1 X9.219 Y-4.261
G1 X5.8838 Y-3.9219
G1 X5.0667 Y-3.8901
G1 X4.3001 Y-3.8602
G1 X3.8123 Y-3.8412
G1 X3.802 Y-3.5562
G1 X3.7758 Y-3.2724
G1 X3.7282 Y-2.9914
G1 X3.6574 Y-2.7076
G1 X3.57 Y-2.4442
G1 X3.4602 Y-2.1812
G1 X3.3308 Y-1.9272
G1 X3.1826 Y-1.6838
G1 X3.0164 Y-1.4523
G1 X2.833 Y-1.2341
G1 X2.6481 Y-1.0441
G1 X2.4196 Y-0.8424
G1 X2.1917 Y-0.6711
G1 X1.9516 Y-0.5176
G1 X1.7005 Y-0.3828
G1 X1.44 Y-0.2673
G1 X1.1714 Y-0.1719
G1 X0.8964 Y-0.0971
G1 X0.6165 Y-0.0434
G1 X0.3333 Y-0.0111
G1 X0.0485 Y-0.0003
G1 X-0.2362 Y-0.0111
G1 X-0.5194 Y-0.0434
G1 X-0.7993 Y-0.0971
G1 X-1.0743 Y-0.1719
G1 X-1.3429 Y-0.2673
G1 X-1.6035 Y-0.3827
G1 X-1.8545 Y-0.5176
G1 X-2.0947 Y-0.6711
G1 X-2.3225 Y-0.8423
G1 X-2.5367 Y-1.0303
G1 X-2.736 Y-1.234
G1 X-2.9193 Y-1.4523
G1 X-3.0856 Y-1.6837
G1 X-3.2338 Y-1.9272
G1 X-3.3632 Y-2.1811
G1 X-3.4729 Y-2.4441
G1 X-3.5625 Y-2.7147
G1 X-3.6312 Y-2.9913
G1 X-3.6788 Y-3.2723
G1 X-3.705 Y-3.5561
G1 X-3.7096 Y-3.841
G0 Z3.0
G0 X-10.5487 Y-14.316
G0 Z1.0
G1 Z-0.3
G1 X-10.7609 Y-14.6382
G1 X-12.2805 Y-17.3066
G1 X-13.6245 Y-20.0676
G1 X-14.7871 Y-22.9097
G1 X-15.7636 Y-25.821
G1 X-16.5498 Y-28.7893
G1 X-17.1425 Y-31.8023
G1 X-17.5392 Y-34.8473
G1 X-17.7383 Y-37.9116
G1 X-17.7388 Y-40.9823
G1 X-17.6377 Y-42.5478
G1 X-17.5459 Y-45.3405
G1 X-17.4072 Y-48.1635
G1 X-17.2228 Y-50.9839
G1 X-16.9928 Y-53.801
G1 X-16.717 Y-56.6139
G1 X-16.3957 Y-59.4221
G1 X-16.0289 Y-62.2246
G1 X-15.6168 Y-65.0208
G1 X-15.1593 Y-67.81
G1 X-14.6567 Y-70.5914
G1 X-14.1102 Y-73.3584
G1 X-13.7014 Y-75.3508
G1 X-13.2963 Y-77.338
G1 X-12.894 Y-79.3257
G1 X-12.4943 Y-81.3139
G1 X-12.0974 Y-83.3027
G1 X-11.7031 Y-85.292
G1 X-11.3115 Y-87.2819
G1 X-10.9226 Y-89.2723
G1 X-10.5364 Y-91.2632
G1 X-10.3318 Y-92.3255
G1 X-11.0931
G1 X-11.646 Y-90.9391
G1 X-12.7262 Y-88.1565
G1 X-13.7811 Y-85.3641
G1 X-14.8103 Y-82.5622
G1 X-15.814 Y-79.751
G1 X-16.792 Y-76.9307
G1 X-17.7441 Y-74.1017
G1 X-18.6704 Y-71.264
G1 X-19.5708 Y-68.4181
G1 X-20.4451 Y-65.564
G1 X-21.2914 Y-62.7086
G1 X-21.9372 Y-60.3654
G1 X-22.5122 Y-58.0108
G1 X-23.018 Y-55.6404
G1 X-23.4539 Y-53.2562
G1 X-23.8198 Y-50.8602
G1 X-24.1151 Y-48.4545
G1 X-24.3398 Y-46.0412
G1 X-24.4935 Y-43.6223
G1 X-24.5762 Y-41.2
G1 X-24.5875 Y-38.8222
G1 X-24.3182 Y-35.9308
G1 X-23.7784 Y-33.0749
G1 X-22.973 Y-30.2823
G1 X-21.9092 Y-27.5775
G1 X-20.5964 Y-24.9844
G1 X-19.0462 Y-22.526
G1 X-17.2721 Y-20.2237
G1 X-15.2899 Y-18.0981
G1 X-13.1171 Y-16.1678
G1 X-10.7728 Y-14.4498
G1 X-10.5487 Y-14.316
G0 Z3.0
G0 X-24.57 Y-16.7141
G0 Z1.0
G1 Z-0.3
G1 X-26.9481 Y-18.9381
G1 X-29.9447 Y-22.6225
G1 X-32.4138 Y-26.6792
G1 X-34.31 Y-31.0333
G1 X-35.5982 Y-35.6043
G1 X-36.2544 Y-40.3078
G1 X-36.2668 Y-45.0569
G1 X-35.9156 Y-47.673
G1 X-34.9003 Y-51.8477
G1 X-29.858 Y-65.9371
G1 X-28.3809 Y-69.6159
G1 X-26.8328 Y-73.2525
G1 X-25.2098 Y-76.8563
G1 X-23.5127 Y-80.4258
G1 X-22.8776 Y-81.6935
G1 X-23.0372 Y-81.4683
G1 X-24.7784 Y-78.9257
G1 X-26.479 Y-76.3557
G1 X-28.1384 Y-73.759
G1 X-29.7563 Y-71.1361
G1 X-31.3321 Y-68.4879
G1 X-32.8719 Y-65.8039
G1 X-34.3022 Y-63.3261
G1 X-35.5828 Y-60.7474
G1 X-36.7224 Y-58.6128
G1 X-37.6873 Y-56.4659
G1 X-38.5043 Y-54.2584
G1 X-39.1694 Y-52.0006
G1 X-39.6797 Y-49.7028
G1 X-40.0328 Y-47.3756
G1 X-40.227 Y-45.0299
G1 X-40.2615 Y-42.6764
G1 X-40.136 Y-40.3259
G1 X-39.8513 Y-37.9894
G1 X-39.4085 Y-35.6777
G1 X-38.8195 Y-33.4383
G1 X-37.8031 Y-30.9049
G1 X-36.5524 Y-28.4524
G1 X-35.0861 Y-26.1224
G1 X-33.4161 Y-23.9338
G1 X-31.556 Y-21.9044
G1 X-29.5209 Y-20.0505
G1 X-27.3272 Y-18.3872
G1 X-24.9927 Y-16.928
G1 X-24.57 Y-16.7141
G0 Z3.0
G0 X10.7207 Y-14.3877
G0 Z1.0
G1 Z-0.3
G1 X10.857 Y-14.4691
G1 X13.1995 Y-16.1858
G1 X15.3708 Y-18.1147
G1 X17.3515 Y-20.2387
G1 X19.1242 Y-22.5392
G1 X20.6733 Y-24.9959
G1 X21.9851 Y-27.587
G1 X23.0481 Y-30.2897
G1 X23.8528 Y-33.0803
G1 X24.3923 Y-35.934
G1 X24.6614 Y-38.8232
G1 X24.65 Y-41.1995
G1 X24.5674 Y-43.6212
G1 X24.4137 Y-46.0394
G1 X24.1891 Y-48.452
G1 X23.8938 Y-50.8571
G1 X23.5281 Y-53.2524
G1 X23.0923 Y-55.6359
G1 X22.5867 Y-58.0057
G1 X22.0118 Y-60.3596
G1 X21.3662 Y-62.7022
G1 X20.52 Y-65.5573
G1 X19.6457 Y-68.4112
G1 X18.7454 Y-71.257
G1 X17.8192 Y-74.0944
G1 X16.8671 Y-76.9232
G1 X15.8892 Y-79.7433
G1 X14.8856 Y-82.5543
G1 X13.8564 Y-85.356
G1 X12.8016 Y-88.1482
G1 X11.7214 Y-90.9307
G1 X11.1652 Y-92.3255
G1 X10.4524
G1 X10.6561 Y-91.2676
G1 X11.0423 Y-89.2767
G1 X11.4312 Y-87.2863
G1 X11.8228 Y-85.2965
G1 X12.2171 Y-83.3072
G1 X12.614 Y-81.3185
G1 X13.0137 Y-79.3303
G1 X13.416 Y-77.3426
G1 X13.821 Y-75.3555
G1 X14.2299 Y-73.363
G1 X14.7765 Y-70.5957
G1 X15.2791 Y-67.8139
G1 X15.7367 Y-65.0244
G1 X16.1489 Y-62.2278
G1 X16.5157 Y-59.4249
G1 X16.837 Y-56.6164
G1 X17.1128 Y-53.8031
G1 X17.3429 Y-50.9856
G1 X17.5273 Y-48.1649
G1 X17.666 Y-45.3414
G1 X17.7578 Y-42.5489
G1 X17.8589 Y-40.983
G1 X17.8584 Y-37.9108
G1 X17.6593 Y-34.8451
G1 X17.2624 Y-31.7986
G1 X16.6694 Y-28.7841
G1 X15.8827 Y-25.8143
G1 X14.9058 Y-22.9016
G1 X13.7426 Y-20.0581
G1 X12.398 Y-17.2958
G1 X10.8777 Y-14.6261
G1 X10.7207 Y-14.3877
G0 Z3.0
G0 X25.0533 Y-16.9926
G0 Z1.0
G1 Z-0.3
G1 X25.1135 Y-17.0303
G1 X27.3821 Y-18.4482
G1 X29.5705 Y-20.1075
G1 X31.6007 Y-21.9569
G1 X33.4563 Y-23.9814
G1 X35.1222 Y-26.1647
G1 X36.585 Y-28.489
G1 X37.8326 Y-30.9355
G1 X38.846 Y-33.4616
G1 X39.4332 Y-35.6941
G1 X39.875 Y-38.0009
G1 X40.1592 Y-40.3324
G1 X40.2844 Y-42.6778
G1 X40.25 Y-45.0263
G1 X40.0562 Y-47.367
G1 X39.7039 Y-49.6892
G1 X39.1947 Y-51.9821
G1 X38.5309 Y-54.2351
G1 X37.7158 Y-56.4378
G1 X36.7529 Y-58.5801
G1 X35.6139 Y-60.7135
G1 X34.3339 Y-63.2911
G1 X32.9047 Y-65.767
G1 X31.3652 Y-68.4505
G1 X29.7899 Y-71.0978
G1 X28.1727 Y-73.7196
G1 X26.5139 Y-76.3153
G1 X24.814 Y-78.8843
G1 X23.5134 Y-80.7834
G1 X23.6763 Y-80.4583
G1 X25.3741 Y-76.8874
G1 X26.9976 Y-73.2822
G1 X28.5464 Y-69.6442
G1 X30.0243 Y-65.9634
G1 X35.0683 Y-51.869
G1 X36.0854 Y-47.6867
G1 X36.4378 Y-45.0617
G1 X36.4255 Y-40.3026
G1 X35.7678 Y-35.5891
G1 X34.4769 Y-31.0083
G1 X32.5767 Y-26.645
G1 X30.1023 Y-22.5797
G1 X27.0994 Y-18.8875
G1 X25.1135 Y-17.0303
G0 Z3.0
G0 X0 Y0
G0 Z0