Howdy. I will be acquiring my first CNC machine in the next few weeks. I make a small consumer product (less than two inches acrcoss) so I only need a benchtop unit with a small bed.

I already own an Epilog laser cutter that I've taught myself to use, but I'm brand new to CNC routers and would be willing to compensate someone to help me get up to speed. I'm a teacher by trade and would like to get up to speed on the basics before I return to class in the fall.

Anyone in the general Los Angeles area interested in helping a nice guy get up to speed? I'm a quick learner and very motivated. If the machine I buy is small and light enough, I might even be willing to drive to your location and save you the L.A. traffic aggravation.

Oh, and I'm still deciding which machine to get, so I wouldn't mind some input on that as well. Budget is somewhat limited, but I won't be buying a cheap, throwaway machine.

Thank You.

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