I'm a fast learner and not afraid to get my hands dirty. I build all kinds of projects from the ground up and I've also restored 4 industrial machines. My latest projects involve years of work on my Tree Journeyman 200R where I took it from 1982 standards up to the modern age. Encoders on X&Y, new servo amplifier boards, Ripped out the guts of the old CNC computer and installed LinuxCNC with MESA cards and tied it into my PC. Just this year (2019) added a motion controlled Z axis to the machine for full XY&Z milling. Now I'm trying to learn setups, repeatability, G54 - G59 stuff, probing and all kinds of CAM. It's a large learning curve but I love it and am growing fast. Taught myself CAD, learning CAM and am trying to learn the fabrication end of things now to start expanding my capabilities. I also have a Clausing 6913 manual lathe to help me in my projects. Might even become inspired one day and add CNC controls to this puppy! You can see my youtube channel if you want to know more about me. Look for hatch789y and you'll find me.

Forgot to mention I also taught myself 3D printing and slicing and all that good stuff. I have 3 FDM printers in my shop now and enjoy them very much as well.

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