So I am in the middle of Re-Building a BF46 Vario Optimum mill.

I am basically building the head from scratch, building the saddle from scratch, adding 750W servos, a 5hp servo motor driving, a brand new AUD$2000 (yes I am Australian ) spindle, you name it. High precision Linear rails.... if I can improve it, I have....

So the next this I was going to look at was, even with a decent spindle motor 10,000 rpm is about where it maxes out and that includes with using pulleys because the motors spindle speed is around 8,000 rpm max.

With smaller endmills that ends up not being enough when you get down to 1-2mm endmills.

So i thought why not mount two spindles? A high speed lower torque spindle and lower speed high torque spindle.

The main spindle in the middle of the column, the high speed spindle to the side because it needs less rigidity.

This did not seem ridiculous but I have yet to see ANY designs either home made or professional that do this.

Is there something I am missing?

Is there some major draw back of this system I am not seeing?

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