I have purchased Mazak VTC-30C milling center.
NC is Mazatrol M Plus
Servo amplifiers are Meldas MDS-B system.

I have a problem with X axis servo.
Every time I turning on machine NC throws "Spindle Malfunction 2" alarm. This alarm corresponds to X servo amplifier alarm 50 (servo overload).
When I go to DEBUG->VERSION->SERVO menu, I can read that OVERLOAD parameter on X axis is about 70%.
Then I wait to OVERLOAD value decrease below 50% and restart only NC.
After this procedure, machine works properly.

Servo amplifier is MDS-B-V1-20. I have replaced IPM module and checked power supply for this module. Current detectors/isolation amplifiers looks good. Capacitors on PCB have been replaced 5 years ago by previous owner.
Motor insulation resistance is above 1MOhm(500V test Voltage). Phase resistance is about 1.4Ohm.

Have someone similar problems with this type of control?

I will be grateful for any help
Best regards
Radek Papis

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