So had spindle rebuilt on Mazak H500 mill reinstalled and of course spindle would over shoot spindle orient and then just slowly , 1 rpm, continue turning. You would think every thing would be the same but no. So adjusted the parameters and got it to work fairly well.

But has poor rigidity at stop if I put light pressure on it it will roll out of position and funny thing is the spindle lock light will stay on and it will do a tool change out of position. So the parameters I have not messed with are the bit parameters which are in hexadecimal

notation so maybe I need lesson in that not sure how you make an 8 digit binary number out of 16 digit hex I thought hex was suppose to be short hand. So I have messed with the decel parameters quite a bit and the book has 1st ,and second decel parameters but it

does both of those and then at the edge of magnet it drops to 1 rpm and rolls to the center of the magnet. Maybe the bit parameters? Also this is a m32 controller and fr-se spindle controller.I also included a parameter page if some can show me how translate it.


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