Hi there. The company I work at bought a Mazak QT250MSY with a SmoothG control, which is giving me some headaches, so I figure I would ask some questions here, since local Mazak rep is not able to answer.

1) Program control/storage. How can I pull a program from our networked server? Programs are saved under “programs/customer name/part number”. My other machines have no problem looking there. This one does.

2) Tool data page. Why can’t I use straight up tool numbers for T Drills? It wouldn’t be a huge issue if I could just modify/change the tool data, and not lose the geometry numbers, like an older Nexus, but I can’t.

3) That dang virtual keyboard is always in the way, and as it goes from full keyboard, to 10 key, to hidden, makes it worse. I have a wireless on the way, but am I able to shut off the virtual also?

4) Does anyone use 3DAssist? I don’t see the point. My customers don’t provide x_t files, so I have to convert it with my CAM system. Which, if I am importing it into a CAM system, I might as well program it there.


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