Mazak M23B - will not boot since shutdown

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Thread: Mazak M23B - will not boot since shutdown

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    Default Mazak M23B - will not boot since shutdown

    Hi guys, hope someone with Mazatrol M32B or Mitsi Meldas M320V can help me out!?

    We have a Mazak VTC-16 - on Monday morning when it was powered up, the CRT display was blank and the spindle/feed displays showed zeros.

    The control cards had the following LED's:

    MC712 - LED 1 (Red) - lit briefly on startup
    LED 2 (Green) - OFF
    LED 3 (Green) - Flashing

    MC161 - D. AL (Red) = ON
    LED 1(Red) = ON
    LED 2 (Green) = ON
    LED 3 (Green) = ON
    WDOG (Red) = OFF
    D. WD (Red) = ON

    I have read of many other failures in the same state, and mostly people had found that re-initialising the control would get the controller to boot again.

    I have tried to initialise, both with 1,3 & 5 and 1 & 3 dip switches on on the MC161, but neither method has any effect.

    I spoke to Mazak service, but the engineer sounded like he was reading the same troubleshooting guide that I was. He told me he thought it was the MC712 at fault as the MC161 was just a processor for i/o - but I think he got them muddled up. My documentation says that the MC161 is the main processor?

    Mazak have suggested replacing the MC712 and MC161. My gut feeling is it is a faulty MC161, but are there any further tests I can do to rule anything else out?

    I have checked the voltages at the PSU and they are all in tolerance.

    Is there a minimum amount of cards I can boot with in the rack, to eliminate any other faults? Should the control boot with the MC435 memory module removed, to rule out any problems with that?

    Any help with this control would be much appreciated - unfortunately this is the only M32B control we have, so we can't test these parts elsewhere.


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    Default Re: Mazak M23B - will not boot since shutdown

    MC161 is main CPU. you are correct.

    Anyway, what do u get when you power up, after you see MELDS... u get what warninig, or error? Do you get black screen?

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Mazak M23B - will not boot since shutdown

Mazak M23B - will not boot since shutdown

Mazak M23B - will not boot since shutdown