Hello, on a Mazak Variaxis i300 AWC (Basically a Mazak Variaxis with 32 pallets). I have made fixturing which i was hoping to probe at C0 A0 using the MMS unit X-Y-th so that the theta corrects my indication. After getting that theta value, I wish to rotate the pallet A-90 C90, but instead of C90, use the theta correction so that my parts remain indicated. The C value should really be like 89.1 or 91.3 something like that based on my theta.

For example, I have a part laying flat against unindicated fixturing I run this program which auto fills in a theta value to adjust for the unindicated fixture, and then indexs and wpc shifts to a new face. But when I do this it doesn't account for the theta and my parts come out taper. Example program below in Mazatrol.

WPC- Set to top left corner

MMS X-Y-Th- probes the top left corner and adjust my theta to correct the unindicated fixturing

WPC Shift- Shift my zeros to a different face I wish to cut

Index- Indexs so that the face I wish to cut is pointing up

My WPC shift and my Index do not account for the updated theta in the first WPC line and I am wondering if this is possible. I know there are ways around this like making new fixturing or indicating my fixture in, but with the 32 pallet AWC, sometimes the fixturing becomes unindicated just from doing multiple pallet changes. Let me know if this is possible or if you need more info.

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