Again we have problem with our QT15N T32-2. Our inverter displays an error after turning on the power. It's E7 alarm (NC Emergency). But when we turn on the main panel, it's ready to work (shows "r 0"), but it doesn't supply power to the spindle motor. Main panel shows only alarm 128 Emergency stop.

there are 2 LEDs on the power supply SF-PW.
Led 1 (green) and led 2 (orange)

On the SF-CA card there are just Led 2 (orange), When the main panel is switched on, the LED 10 (orange) lights up and after a while turns off.

The instructions are written:

LED2 - Lights when the base of the inverter/converter transistor
cuts off.

Also I saw there is 56 alarm on my servo drive.

Any ideas where I should start shooting?

Adds a video to clarify the situation:

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