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    We have a Mazak FJV-250 mill with a Mazatrol 640M controller and when turned on, we get a windows message on the screen that says "the drive or network connection that the shortcut 'Shortcut to ctime.exe.Ink' refers to is unavailable. Make sure disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available and then try again." We can click OK and clear that message, but on the Mazatrol software, we get a 'Alarm22: Amplifier not equipped' error that will not go away. I am not sure if these are related but maybe they are. Our manual does not list the 22 error, but I googled it and it said that it could not communicate with one of the amplifiers and to check for loose wires or replace amplifier.

    We had someone come out and check the machine and he couldn't find anything obviously wrong so now we are now waiting for them to contact Mazak main office to see if they can troubleshoot but I was hoping someone here might have an idea of what is wrong or what to check. The tech thinks it is a corrupt hard-drive but I think that was just a guess. He did not seem very familiar with Mazak machines.

    I looked at the back of the machine and the Mitsubishi FR-PU03E parameter unit says 'ERR' on it.

    I also noticed that the Mitsubishi MDS-B-SPH-220 spindle drive unit has no message on its screen while the power supply next to it says '6' and the two servo drive units on the other side of it say 'AA' on the screen. Should the spindle drive unit show something on the screen even if it cant communicate with the computer? The other units screens turn on immediately when the main power is turned on to the mill but not the spindle drive unit screen. Does this mean that unit is dead? The tech didn't seem to think this was a problem but it seems to me that it should power on the same as the other units as soon as main power is turned on. We checked the rotary switches on these units and they match what is on the controller.

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Alarm 22: Amplifier not equipped

Alarm 22: Amplifier not equipped

Alarm 22: Amplifier not equipped