Hey Gang,

I have an Integrex E500 with a Matrix control on it. The Laser was crashed a while ago. I just got the New Laser installed, aligned and calibrated.
My problem is when I run the Tool setting routine using the Renishaw standard from the Mazak soft keys it stores a tool length that is off about .022
and the Diameter is off roughly .400. These are in inch. If I run the same Renishaw standard calling the Renishaw programs it stores it with in a
couple of tenths .0002 inch. My standard is 4.9997 length and .5008 dia. I have another H500 across the aisle and it does exactly its supposed to do.
The guys at Mazak helped get here, but the last info from them was we have a wear offset on in the tool data page but there are none.
Has anyone ever ran across this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Paul

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