Well, I have been looking for a cnc lathe within my budget for a while and just got one at auction this morning. Its rough, but it does run and any deficiency I find should be within my ability to repair or work around as I'm just a hobby shop in rural South Dakota.

I have at least a few questions about this particular model of lathe.

1. Weight,I have a 6500lb rough terrain forklift and a good 3/4 of the information I can find places this machine just shy of 6k, same as my milltronics vmc. But I have seen a few mentions of it being closer to 6500lbs, anyone have a known weight of them so I can decide if I need to arrange a bigger fork?

2. Tying them down. I will be transporting it myself this weekend, as a former Army truck driver I like to know my load is secure. I'm confident I can secure it without prior tips, but any tips would be appreciated as it has a good 500 mile trip to endure.

3. I'm not sure what books, if any, it has with it. Any good leads on where to find them?