We got to the end of re-aligning the arm and replacing the spindle motor. We had 2 other issues to resolve- a Renishaw OTS that won't communicate, and a spindle clamp sensor that won't detect a miss-load and error the spindle out.

In the process of trying to move the prox sensors, we realized that the bracket is not built for adjustment - AKA there is no ability to adjust those two sensors. Then we surmised that putting a pair of washers under the bracket on both sides could raise the unclamp sensor such that when a CAT-40 tool was loaded 180 degrees from aligned with the keys it would realize the spindle was not fully clamped.

Then we realized that the drawbar pulls to the same position relative to the proximity sensors, whether tool seats in the keys and is loaded positively, or not. So there is no way for the machine to physically know that the tool is not seated to depth and properly loaded and engaged with the CAT-40 alignment keys and taper.

I feel this creates a risk, because the machine will spin a tool up to 12,000 RPM without taper contact if the tool changer doesn't seat it properly. I can't resolve that because the machine's safety system is incapable of resolving that situation the way it is designed.

We wanted to make that error not possible, but we could not solve that issue.

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