I am new to the forum,

I have just purchased a Hyundai QT-15N which is basically a MAZAK QT-15n that Hyundai made under license from Mazak

It has the MAZATROL T32B control, which was not so popular from what I have read but I am getting along with it ok

The machine is running good so far, I have the programming manuals, and wiring diagrams book which has some parameters listed in it, and although the parameters are written there it doesn’t actually explain what they are for/what the do! Also when you go through the control parameters there are around 5 screens of user parameters and 5 screens of machine parameters which seems to be a lot more than what’s in the book but yet again I have no idea what most of them are for!

Is there a generic list of what user and machine parameter does what? I know each one is set based on that specific machine but I just want a list of them all and what they are for

I want to change the rapid speeds on mine as even with the control panel override at 100% it’s very slow during rapid moves and the turret rotates very slowly as well, a lot of other QT-15n’s I have seen move at a more reasonable pace, so I guess somebody turned down a parameter but I have no idea which one it could be

Having a list of what each one does would really help

I’m also not 100% clear on what the Z offset actually is? Currently once I have created a program I go to the set up screen, I am touching off tool 1 on the end of the stock/part, and changing the Z to zero, then I press TEACH on the control, then I home the Z axis and then press input to set the Z offset? Is that correct or am I not understanding it?

Many thanks

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