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    I'm creating a Post processor for our Techno machine, we just added a 4th axis to it. So I'm having a couple of issues that I'll spell out, hopefully someone will have some insight.

    The 4th(A) axis has a 50:1 transmission and there for needs to be set to around 10000 for the feed rate to keep up with the rest of the machine running at 150 feed rate. With out setting this it takes the A axis 1.5 minutes to rotate 1 full revolution. Too slow.

    1-Hopeful Solution:
    Is there a way to set the feed rate different for XY, for A & for Z?

    When I post my code, to just turn a cylinder blank the code has the Y & Z axes are moving from -3 to 3 but they shouldn't move at all. All that should happen is the A spins, the X moves.

    Not sure, does the TRANSFORM setting have something to do with this? *TOOLPATH OUTPUT* is set to TRANSFORM. But I don't know what it should be set to if not this. There isn't anything in the help about the proper setting if not set to TRANSFORM. Or other options under that setting.

    When I create a stock model and simulate my toolpath the stock model is orientated 90 to my part and the cut path. Not sure what this is related to, or if it affects the post. So when I simulate the toolpath rides along the X as it should and shows my part there. But the Stock is lengthwise along the Y and spins around hitting everything.

    Ok So it looks like this has to do with my machine setup for MadCAM. I have a 4 axis machine selected, but it still once the 5axis rotation parameters set. But I don't have any so I don't know what to do.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Not sure what G-Code to CNC program you are using.
    I have a Mill with A Axis that has a 45:1 Ratio
    I also have a Router Table with an A Axis of 15:1 Ratio
    My settings on Mach 4 for A Axis on the Mill are Counts Per mm = 250 Velocity mm/min = 600 Acceleration mm/sec/sec = 40
    My settings on Mach 4 for A Axis on the Router Table are Counts Per mm =83.3333 Velocity mm/min = 15900 Acceleration mm/sec/sec = 2000
    All axis can have different feed rates.
    Also for example if I run the Router with 4 Axis, I generally would use G93, which means all axis are running with the same surface speed.
    So if the G94 is say F3000 then even the A Axis will turn at that surface speed, hence it will be just as fast as the other axis.
    So if your A Axis is well constructed then you should have no issue running it at the higher rate.
    On Mach4 for example the screen DRO on the A Axis is in degrees and so is the G-Code A Axis.

    madCAM produces the correct display in the simulator and if you have the correct Post Processor Code then the G-Code output should then come out the same for CNC machining.
    Also you do not say if your are using 4 Axis or 4 Axis simultaneous so I can not really answer Q2.
    I do not know your machine and without examples or images it is hard to answer and more, so others may be able to help you.

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