I have a Bob Campbell control box using the Cullins Sound Logic PC-2 board. I have run into issues with both the control box and the computer that came with it (running 32-bit Win 7). I would like to build a new control box based around the combination of a PMDX-126 breakout board, PMDX-107 spindle speed controller and an ESS Smoothstepper. The existing box has 2 360W power supplies (24V @ 15A) and 4 Gecko 251 Rev 9 drivers.

I can obviously re-use the Gecko drivers, but I am not sure how to determine the correct power supply. I know that the Smooth Stepper requires its own 5V power supply, and if I understand the PMDX-126 manual correctly, it gets fed 115v AC power directly from the outlet, the 107 board is powered directly by the 126 board. The Gecko's require DC power between 15 and 50 volts.

Should I just add a 5V supply for the smooth stepper and keep the two others that I have, or is there a different rated power supply I should be using? I would like to learn as much as possible doing this so even just links to where I could read more on the topic would be appreciated. Happy to provide any additional information that would be useful.

Thank you,

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