In the last days I found an interesting article about the future of mechanical engineering. Although it refers to Germany, it is likely to be valid worldwide:

Here´s a short summary:

mechanical engineering industry expects production drop!

A global economic weakness, trade disputes and industrial structural change are weighing on business in mechanical engineering. A rapid upswing is apparently not in sight and the mechanical engineering industry must adjust to considerable burdens.

The trade dispute between the USA and China and a growing protectionism around the globe have a big impact on this industrial branch which counts among the world‘s export leaders. Other factors include the global economic downturn or the structural change in key customer groups.

Many countries are victims of the trade dispute between the USA and China because of their close trade relations. Added to this is the continuing uncertainty as to when and how Britain's EU withdrawal will take place. The result is probably a worldwide decline in production.

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So, what is your opinion in this case? Do you agree with these estimates of the industry experts? Or do you think that the political and economic problems can be solved soon and it will not be as bad in 2020 as described here?