Hey guys, awesome forum, I am a tool maker/machinist have been running CNC machines all of my life I know HAAS FANUC very well
I have an eye on one second hand CNC centre (CNC Machining Centre, Mori Seiki Model SV 50 for $27k USD) and also an opportunity to buy a 2003 Mazak 410A fusion controller 640m I believe? (for 37k USD)
So first of all I'm wondering do I need specific CAD and CAM software to run the SV50? I didn't know MORI SEKI made their own controllers it looks like a faunc but I wanted to ask the experts here. is this a Japanese machine made in Japan or ???

like Mazak a Japanese machine made in Kentucky?

in addition,
what's the good asking price for these machines you think?

I read that the MORI SEKI sucks a lot of electricity ? is that true?

I am a small shop I really need a CNC mill. thank you very much. great forum!!!

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