Hi, new to this forum, not sure how or where to post correctly but here goes... Long story, I bought a used PM25 mill that was originally "built" by procut. Previous owner disconnected the spindle control (could not fiqure out how to get it to work), I am trying to resurrect it..I do not understand how to translate motor parameters, steps per, hz, pwm freq, etc. I found a post that helped me at least get it spinning but the settings are not quite right (https://www.machsupport.com/forum/?a...0;attach=39923) . I contacted Procut, no real help, said it's all proprietary, but gave me some initial basic settings. Seems like I need to figure out the Mach settings somehow. I am using the brushless dc 1hp stock motor, Procut spindle control board, ethernet to Procut main control board, and ethernet smooth stepper. How do I figure out how to get this running at the RPM I want it to??? Also, it runs ccw no matter what I do, I read that some wires need to be switched on the motor.

Procuts response:
Like I explained in the last email. We do not offer software support for Mach. I am not sure why he unhooked the spindle control but we cannot send out schematics for the board. They are proprietary to ProCutCNC and how it is hooked up is also proprietary. Not to mention that the spindle control on the mill has a floating ground. If hooked up wrong it will blow out your boards and the spindle control on the mill. This is why it is installed when we build the machine.

What I can do is tell you is the original settings were:

• Spindle is Port 1/ Pin 14 and 16
• Output 1 is Port 2/ Pin 17
• Output 2 is Port 2/ Pin 1
• Index is Port 1/ Pin 15

Can someone PLEASE chime in on this...it seems to be that I just need to adjust some settings in Mach3


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