For all you people out there running Mach 3 on old PC’s and had the PC crash and faced with the daunting task of getting it running again on a new Windows 10 machine fear not.

I had for over a year been running my CNC with Mach 3 on an old PC with Windows 10 64bit build 1703 but a major hard ware failure of the motherboard forced me to look elsewhere for a cheap solution.

Having seen these neat little PC sticks I wondered if it is possible to use one of these to run my machine and give me extra space in my crowded controller case. These sticks can be updated to the latest Windows 10 build 1809 as I have on mine Windows Home 64bit Edition

I have a Chinese 2.2 KW water cooled spindle motor with the Huanyang VFD with the WHG wireless pendant the CNC being driven by the Ethernet Smooth Stepper. On installing Mach 3 version R3.043.062 together with the recommended Windows 10 patch Mach 3 ran but always the same error “Defective DLL for both the Huanyang VFD and Wireless Pendant.

It took some sleuthing but I discovered that the reason for the defective DLL’s was the fact that these little stick PC’s do not come with .NET 3.5 installed but 4.0. As both the plugins were written to run on .NET 3.5.
So simply download the .NET 3.5 from Microsoft and you will be up and running quickly!

Another thing also to note is the speed of these 4 core sticks is pretty fast and so another error I came across was the fact that via the Smooth Stepper it is best to change the read forward lines of code from it’s default 20 to 200 and everything just works as it should.

Happy CNCing

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