I apologise for starting another thread on this topic but the others seem to have stopped at least a year ago. Despite reading them all and following the advice they contain I am flummoxed as I cannot get any sign of life from the set up I have shown in the attached photos.

I live in New Zealand where specialist parts are hard to come by so have relied a lot on the AliExpress site for many of my parts - generally with significant success - the ball screws arrived promptly machined to my specific requirements and were beautifully made. I do seem to be struggling with the breakout board (came free with the three stepper motors and DQ543MA drivers. Before I rush off and buy a replacement (which would be USB rather than LPT1) I would like to seek some help with what I currently have.

I am using Mach3 on a Vista m/c (but have had no problems with Vista and the Driver test usually says Excellent Performance although occassionaly it does say Pulsing Too Fast). I only get 3.3volts at LPT1 though hence the belief that a USB board may be better.

When I power up I do hear the steppers click into place but apart from that - nothing. The motors get warm and the Green LED shines (as per the photos) but apart from that zilch!

I am a complete and utter novice and a complete dunce when it comes to electronics so any responses, ideas and help would be most gratefully received as I am really getting to the end of my tether!!

If I am to get a new Breakout board then I would be grateful to receive advice as to the type etc.

Wiring my BOB and Drivers-overview-breakout-board-dm542ma-drivers-jpg Wiring my BOB and Drivers-break-board-supplied-wantai-motors-jpg Wiring my BOB and Drivers-pul-dir-wiring-jpg Wiring my BOB and Drivers-motor-wiring-dip-switch-settings-jpg Wiring my BOB and Drivers-motor-connections-jpg Wiring my BOB and Drivers-x-y-z-stepper-motors57bygh115-003b-dual Wiring my BOB and Drivers-mach-3-pin-configurations-jpg Wiring my BOB and Drivers-mach-3-motor-tuning-jpg

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