Picked up a machine that was DOA. Seem to have found the problem and have it up and running now after replacing the CRT Screen with an old monitor I had laying around. Verified the servos and drives are good as I can jog the machine around, however, I have no idea how to use this Crusader M controller. The last thing I want to verify is that the spindle turns on. I have an identical machine (supermax YCM40) with a dynapath system 20 control. The anilam is completely different and I cannot find any information about it. I am assuming I need to write a line of code in MDI and single block it to turn it on, but there are no letter keys, and no "M" function keys that I can find on the control itself.

Does anyone have a copy of the Crusader M controll programming manual?

I am converting the entire machine over to LinuxCNC, already have a whole new servo motor / drive package on its way, but I want to prove out everything else is good and take some videos of everything working before stripping it down to part out the old parts on ebay.

Thanks in advance.

I looked everywhere and could only find the manual for purchase.

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