I am looking for the original setup documentation for a retrofit Bridgeport knee mill controller as sold by CNC Automation Inc.. It is an early 90's era machine, a DOS based system running on a 486 based board. It is the version 1 of the controller board they used.

Specifically I am looking for the documentation on how to set the values in the OEM file/setup screen.

My friend was talked into buying such a unit and didn't know at the time that it should have had its documentation with it. A subsequent crash caused it to lose its values.

The folks at CNCAUTO have been extremely helpful in trying to help BUT is is 30 years old and they are trying to play Indiana Jones and dig through ancient artifacts. They were able to
provide the files/components that I needed to get the system fully functioning, but now I need to know how to set it up.

Thanks !

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