The macro for the autozero has always worked until I had to replace a bad drive. I don't think that has anything to do with it. Whats happening is once I hit the button for autozero it skips the down travel to plate and the 1st movement is up to height I set in script. I have the alligator clip in the 5v on inputs of the breakout board and I am using pin 10 which I have set up in ports and pins. If I remove the wire from pin 10 and start the autozero the z will begin its movement down to plate. It will keep going until it reaches the 4" limit I set up the macro. But if I touch the wire to pin 10 during its travel it will stop and retract. For some reason with both wires in breakout board it will not go down to touchplate. In the diagnostics page when I touch the plate to the clip the digitizer lights up. So frustrated.. Is my breakout board bad? Is there a ground issue.....please help!

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