Mach3 ESS Machine runs real slow

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Thread: Mach3 ESS Machine runs real slow

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    Unhappy Mach3 ESS Machine runs real slow

    Hi guys I have been using Mach3 for many years
    My Machine is capable of doing 30mtrs per min although I have ever only run it at that speed once to do a drill pattern of thousand of holes in a piece of mdf
    I run AC Yaskawa 750 Watt servos with ESS
    and it runs flawlessly.
    However I have decided to try some raster grey scale laser printing and all the progs I have used to produce the Gcode
    output code similar to this

    g91 F5000
    G1 x0.1 S126 (or some spindle speed to set the laser output current via PWM)
    The last line repeats for the length of the code barring some Y Axis movements

    Now the problems is this code runs at a snail pace you could tap you'r finger at each move
    I did some testing and wrote a small subroutine to simulate the problem

    G90 G21
    G0 X0 Y0
    M98 P0002 L400 (call to sub routine, with L being number of times to run it)


    PO0002 (SUB PROGRAM)
    G1 X.1 F5000

    M99 (return to main program)

    Now this only moves the X by 40mm and the best speed I can get 430mm per min
    even if I change G1 to G0 it makes no difference to the speed although it is faster than the above code
    If I add a S value to the line the speed drops to to 27mm per min and the it actually takes 2mins 56 seconds to move the 40mm
    I have watched some raster laser printing on youtube and they run at a reasonable pace however my machine should be able to outrun all that I have seen.
    The S value is definitely required in order to produce grey scale.
    I have checked everything and I am at a complete loss I have turned off all my Mach Brains and have no CV enabled.
    So what am I missing is this a issue with Mach3 or the code.
    Cheers !

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    Default Re: Mach3 ESS Machine runs real slow

    Unfortunately, you can not use Mach3 to vary laser power using S word.
    S word, as spindle speed, stops all motion until "spindle" reaches rpm commanded.
    You can quickly switch laser On/Off, I think with M10/M11 commands, not 100% sure cause for laser work I use GRBL controller.

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Mach3 ESS Machine runs real slow

Mach3 ESS Machine runs real slow

Mach3 ESS Machine runs real slow