Hey guys,
I've been searching around this site for a while and its amazing, so I am hoping you can help me with figuring something out. The company I work for has recently bought some new tooling to replace an entire machine. They have tasked me with implementing this tool in my VMC. The tool is a rotary broach. The manufacture calls out specific Feeds and Speeds for certain depths. Basically approach part, engage spindle, fully engage cutter, increase speed and feed, then orientate and retract at a certain feed rate.

I have a small program that I wrote out for one hole. Works great. I want to know is there someone out there talented enough to write out a macro that covers the 3 distinct depth variables. I essentially want it to work like a custom G85 cycle. Whereas I call up the macro and then the numerous locations and such just as a normal G85 cycle would act.

Apologize, some details I left out, Its a Haas TM 2P running the Next Gen Control. I rotation of the spindle remains a constant and the feed amount as well. It is purely the variance in depth at those different speeds I am looking to input. What I would like to see is:
G155 Z-.312 C-.035 E-.055
Followed by the various hole locations. Obviously prior to that would be the tool callup and location and all the other information, but I didnt think that was needed to be wrote up. If I am missing anything else let me know.