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    Hi guys,

    New here (and in cnc production also) and i really need some help.
    I bought a guess China made CNC 4 axes. Got some issues with the usb cable - problem solved.
    I have encountered another problem today: the machine worked fine for couple of hours then my mach 3 program stoped working. Had to restart the computer. After restart, all settings from the software were gone.
    I reseted all crap and the machine is working fine without the router turned on. The programs starts well, i can control the axes, but once i turn the router on nothing works. Cant control the axes, and the program is not working. When I shut down the router, everything is back up to normal. Also, from time to time, mach 3 shows the RNR motion error.
    I have reinstalled Mach3, checked windows settings - all good.



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rnr motion error

rnr motion error

rnr motion error